Dorchester Law Center – Bankruptcy

Are you stressed from creditors calling you?

Are you worried about wage garnishment?

You may be qualify to cancel out your debts from

  • Payday Loans
  • Medical Bills
  • Credit Card Bills
  • And more…

Let the legal team at Dorchester Law Center advocate for you as we review your credit position and determine whether bankruptcy is the best option for you.

We offer Payment Plans and seasoned advice that’s been proven to improve your credit position within a relatively short period of time.

Our professionals have saved houses from foreclosure, wiped out millions of dollars in debt, and even re-set the terms of student loans.

Call us today to see if you qualify to get a fresh start and to break free from your debts.


Our mission is to offer professional, quality and competent consultancy and representation in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and make it affordable and accessible to everyone in need of legal aid.